Refund Transfer 
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With the Refund Transfer (RT), the IRS deposits the taxpayer’s federal tax refund into an account setup by TPG. Your tax preparation fees are deducted from the refund amount, and the balance is disbursed to your client by one of the disbursement methods listed below. According to the IRS website, most refunds are disbursed in less than 21 days, but funding times may vary depending on IRS processing procedures.

Electronic Filing 
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At SC Tax Advisors, we use the IRS's Modernized Electronic Filing System or (MofE). Our systems are compatatible with the lastest IRS rules that effect you. We eFile all the way through November for both individual and business returns. So look no further than SC Tax Advisors this tax season!

Tax Refund Advance 
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Still waiting on your tax return check? Get up to $750 within 48 hours! Your tax refund isn’t here yet, but you need money NOW. Lucky for you, SC Tax Advisors is here for just that reason. Your refund check could take months to process, but a SC Tax Advisor's lender can have up to $1000 deposited directly into your account in under 48 hours. Think of it as a tax return advance!

SC Tax Advisors Professional Tax Service 

SC Tax Advisors offers business the most comprehensive review available – including income and franchise, transactional, telecommunications, utility and excise taxes. – Individuals benefit from SC Tax Advisors's complete focus that identifies all pertinent opportunities that may arise in the course of our involvement.

SC Tax Advisors tax filing services free you from non-revenue-producing administrative tasks. Whether fully integrated with your SC Tax Advisors's HR/payroll solution, or as a standalone service using payroll data from your in-house or third-party system, SC Tax Advisors provides you with comprehensive payroll tax filing services that offer you peace of mind.

SC Tax Advisors Bookkeeping Services can increase your business efficiencies and profitability. Using Quickbooks our bookkeeping services facilitates the smooth and successful functioning of large and small business.